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Phil Rizzuto, Yankee legend and SAF Sports owner at a charity golf outing

Jim Kelly private signing

Andre Reed, Bills Great, SAF Sports owner and Jerry Koosman, 1969 Mets champion at a charity auction

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Ever wonder how that event you recently attended had the ability to get a sports celebrity to attend? Ever say to yourself, I would love to have a sports celebrity at my next event, or my clients/ customers would love to meet a childhood hero. What a value added this could be and for you to reap the benefits of making that happen.

The cost to make such a dream become a reality may be much more affordable than you may think. Depending on your specific objectives and your budget, players within that pricing structure are proposed by SAF, itís that simple!

At SAF Sports I believe from great events- dreams and memories are created to last a lifetime. You do want your brand recognition associated with that, donít you? Memories that are not soon forgotten, nor is your organizations association with that memory. The mere shaking of a hand or getting a picture taken takes on a value far beyond that moment or the dollar amount placed on it.

Having said that, it is our aim at SAF Sports to help you determine if a sports celebrity can get you the value you require, to meet your specific objectives at your next event.

I will only recommend and contract with sports celebrities who have a proven track record, with respect to their ability to be responsive to the needs of our clients. Those recommendations only come after our in depth consultative conversation. The determination of the objectives and expectations are critical to understanding the client needs, while managing the bottom line.

My long term personal relationships and personal knowledge with numerous legends and hall of famers is an important factor into the equation.

Which players allow for the best fit for each situation is critical for success. The best speaker may not always be the best skilled at meet- greet. Some players do not like golf ! Additionally, some are just not what the doctor ordered, we determine this long before the night of the big event !

Let my experience allow for your next event to exceed even your greatest expectations !

Having a sports celebrity in attendance enhances virtually every event and certainly adds an intangible value that your audience will benefit from. Let SAF make dreams and memories !!!