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celebrity auctions and fundraising
No risk charity auction raised $2,400

No risk charity auction raised $2,400

Celebrity Auctioneer -  Ed Kranepool 1969 Mets champion

A Sports auction adds fun and excitement while enhancing the overall theme of the evening. The auction is a side attraction, although has been the featured attraction, you decide !

SAF Sports and you confer and ultimately decide which seems to fit the best for you in terms of auction selection, and price range of items to be offered.

SAF Sports creates the listings and based on price then places the minimum bids. The minimum bid is typically set at 20-25% higher than your cost of the item. Meaning once a bid is placed and the item is paid for, you are generating income for the event.

Sports auctions are not solely for charity ! SAF puts on auctions to help offset the sports celebrity appearance cost, and often to offset the cost of the event itself !

The best of all there is NO RISK to you !!!!!

Items are typically consigned, therefore if the item does not sell there is no further obligation for purchase !!!

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